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Catherine & Danny — Minted




Wedding Party

Callie Higley

Maid of Honor

Callie is my little sister (by 7.5 years) even though we’ve been mistaken as twins by the food sample clerk at Costco to the nail tech to the check out lady at Albertsons. Like any sister relationship, we used to fight over her stealing my clothes but now are close friends and it is exciting going through life events, getting older, and having a built in best friend! Callie lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Olivia Miller


Olivia is my soon to be Sister In Law! We’ve gotten to know each other through the years by our many adventures from music festivals in Miami and Austin to walking my new neighborhood in SLC to drinking wine together on the back deck of her family’s lake house in Holter Lake, Montana. Olivia lives in Carlsbad, California with her Husband, Brian, their dog son, Monty!

Catherine Sheperdson


My fellow “Catherine with a C” a.k.a. Cathy or simply just Cath. We met in our sorority (Alpha Phi) at U of Arizona where we both had M.I.A. roommates so we just combined forces! From that moment on she’s been one of my closest friends! Cathy lives in Golden, Colorado with her Husband, John, and their 2 beautiful English Golden’s Jones and Beau.

Liza Karic


I met Liza when her Husband, Alex, brought her to meet the friends on a boat day in Dallas! Liza lived in Austin at the time but soon after, packed her things to come to Dallas. Liza and Alex became like family, I was even Liza’s Maid of Honor! There are too many moments to share but Liza is a friend I can have a deep conversation with or shed tears of laughter. Liza and Alex now live in Ventura, California with their pup, Opie (or Opus popus).

Madison Koch


Madi is my oldest friend; I met Madi at Desert Storm Elite cheer in 4th grade before I switched to her Elementary School in 5th grade. Madi and I grew up together experiencing wearing make up for the first time, endless bus and car rides to out of state Cheer competitions, Middle School gaucho pants, mean teachers, first boyfriends, Church classes, graduations, moving to new states, and finally getting married. You name it, we’ve gone through it together. Madi now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her Husband, Jeff, and their cute Pomsky Laska!

Taylor Messinger


You all will probably hear us all calling Taylor - Tmess! Taylor and I became friends in Dallas at a party where she pulled colorful straws out of her purse and immediately knew I had to be her friend. Tmess has opened my eyes to country music, the perfect Dirty Martini and is my first call whenever I have a cold weather question. Even though we became friends in Dallas, Taylor grew up and now again lives in Rapid City, South Dakota (or “SoDak" if you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about).

Brian Church

Best Man

Brian Church is Danny’s Best Man. The two met freshman year of college and pledged the same fraternity, with said fraternity getting kicked off campus immediately following initiation. Nevertheless, the pledge class remained close and remain lifelong friends (see Jones, Byron, and Laurino below). A testament to Brian and Danny’s friendship came when Brian surprised Danny for his birthday in Dallas one year. It was one of those years where a blizzard froze over North Texas, and flights were getting cancelled left and right. Church was living in Minneapolis at the time so he was no stranger to a frozen tundra being an obstacle. After his flight to Dallas was cancelled, he flew into OKC and drove 4 hours down I-35 through flurries to surprise his buddy (in a Ford Fiesta, with a cast on his broken right foot). Brian now lives in San Diego , CA with his wife Shelby and works for Becton Dickinson in medical device sales.

Todd Jones


Todd was Danny’s college roommate for 2 years, both in Sevilla, Spain and in San Luis Obispo. Todd frequently refers to Danny as “the best roommate he’s ever had”, a title Danny wears with honor. Although never living in the same city after college, Todd and Danny would always prioritize seeing each other through destination trips around the country or friendly visits to their respective towns. After living in San Francisco for nearly 10 years, Todd and his new bride Jourdan moved across the country to West Palm Beach FL with their puppy Moose, where Todd works in investment banking.

Nick Byron


Danny and Nick were in the same dorm in college and would routinely catch themselves playing the NCAA Football video game in Danny’s room in between class schedules. Nick pioneered the effort to study abroad in Spain, where Danny, Todd, and Brian joined and had the experience of a lifetime. Nick is in his 2nd year of grad school at USC’s Marshall School of Business while also heading business development for LEADOPTIK. He and his wife Chloe live in San Diego CA with their newborn baby boy Graham.

Dylan Laurino


Dylan grew up with Danny in Encinitas, CA. Both met in middle school and went to the same church, where Sandra Orendain taught their Sunday school classes for many years. Danny and Dylan also carpentered queen size bunk beds while rooming together sophomore year of college in a 10 x 10 room, a feat so bold you just had to see it to believe it. Nowadays, Dylan works as a firefighter for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, and lives in Oceanside CA with his fiancé Amanda.

Alex Karic


Alex and Danny were in the same major at Cal Poly and became close while working on their senior project. Alex also went to work for the same company as Danny post college, and spent the bulk of his 20s in Dallas, TX where Danny also lived. Alex and Danny made countless memories in the Lone Star state, but both had ambitions of getting the hell out of those brutal summers for greener pastures. Alex now works as a supply chain manager at Patagonia, and lives in Ventura CA with his wife Liza and dog Opie.

Brian Miller


Brian is Danny’s brother-in-law, husband to Danny’s sister Olivia. Brian and Danny first met in San Francisco, where Danny was elated to discover that Brian is a formidable human who would undoubtably strongarm anyone who wronged those he cared for (i.e. Olivia, and therefore Danny). Since then, Brian and Danny have spent considerable time together between Montana summers and holidays with the Orendain’s. The two have become close over the years and Danny always looks forward to a reunion – which typically involves Brian dominating Danny on the golf course. Brian and his wife Olivia live in Carlsbad, CA with their dog Monty.