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Catherine & Danny — Minted




Catherine and Danny

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Our Story

Catherine and Danny’s journey began in Dallas, TX circa 2016. Both had relocated to the Lone Star state to start their careers and met through a mutual friend (shout out Sean Garrido!). Cat and Danny were friends for over a year before Cat decided one day that she was interested in Danny as more than friends. Cat mustered up the plan to invite Danny to see Beauty and the Beast in theaters, what she considers their first date. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to sway him towards her. A few months passed and suddenly Danny began longing for Cat, however, she began dating someone else. It didn’t take much for Danny to slide in and intercept his lass, surprising Cat with concert tickets to see Rufus du Sol in October 2017 - from that moment forward the romance took off! Six years later, a move from Dallas to Salt Lake City and buying their first home, the two are tying the knot in April of 2024!